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Why Choose Line8

More plugs per metre

Line8 has the highest density in the market with up to 14 plugs per meter.

Future Proof

Line8 founders are constantly upgrading and maintaining the product line so you can be assured of continued service and support years after purchase. Future upgrades, such as the upcoming fast-charging ports, are also designed to be compatible with all Line8 Socket Systems.

On top of using top-notch aerospace industry standard materials, Line8 Power Socket Systems function on mechnical mechanisms, allowing your systems to last a long time without issues such as indicator lights burning out or parts needing replacement. Designed with minimal moving parts and using one-piece construction for our systems, Line8 Power Socket Systems future proofs your power needs.

Safe & effortless engagement

Secure engagement with locking mechanism when switched on. Precise machining ensures smooth and effortless usage for decades to come.


Designed with your family's safety in mind, Line8 Power Socket systems is designed to make it impossible to come contact with any electrical charge.

A Key To Close The Circuit

The Line8 power track is an open circuit which can only be closed with a special key that needs to match up in terms of height, length and depth. Nothing else closes the circuit.

Bespoke and Custom Projects

If you have a special project, be it in a home, office, laboratory or industrial use, we can customise the perfect power management solution for you. Accessories include fast-charge USB ports, multimedia, and even smart home sockets.

Easy installation

Assemble, modify, or reconfigure on-site in minutes. Tool-less terminals allow power tracks to be seamlessly installed on walls or recessed into carpentry and desks in a fraction of time.