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Safety and Compliance

Line8 has full compliance with Australian regulatory body Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS)


Line8 has been tested by international testing laboratory Intertek, and has passed all required Australian regulatory checks.

A safe power track needs to have the following features:

  1. An adequate gauge of the electrical conductor to carry the rated current

  2. Proper grounding for enclosures and housing

  3. Earth contact has to be first to make a connection and be the last to disconnect.

  4. The resistance, contact quality and gauge needs to be equal to or more than the rated current

  5. Well-engineered electrical path with as few as possible interconnects

  6. Adequate cooling on all electrical conductors to prevent overheating in the event of overload

  7. Overload protection to ensure that the load is less than the rated current of the power track

  8. Durability and high MTBF for all mechanical and electrical components

  9. Mechanisms which prevent or eliminate electrical arcing which will damage electrical contacts and raise resistance

  10. Proper electrical switch design for the designed electrical load using precious metals to ensure a low resistance, corrosion-proof properties of the electrical switch.

  11. Mechanisms to ensure the correct orientation and contact order of the electrical connection

  12. Use of proper materials for insulators that have high electrical strength with good insulation properties with fire-resistance, heat resistance, and low wear properties.

Line8 has included all the above features in its power socket systems, and has been established and used by customers where we are based, in Singapore, since 2014. 

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