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Safety Feature: TRS (Triple Redunancy System)

Line8's Triple Redundancy System (TRS) 

Line8 power socket cross section

1. Actively grounded shielding technology 

Actively grounded conductor strips flanking the openings of the power track acts as an impenetrable barrier, preventing any chance of electrical leakage. Any stray energy is absorbed and grounded by our shielding system.

2. Mechanical Safeguards

Designed to keep foreign objects and fingers physically separated from the conductors, even the little ones with smaller hands are kept away from any potential hazards. 

3. Lock-and-Key Socket to close the circuit

A unique lock-and-key socket design, and a specially created push-pull switch ensures that no accidental turning on of any power supply is possible. Each socket has a set of specifically machined electrical contacts to close the circuit - much like the teeth on a key. It is not possible to close the circuit with anything but the engaged Line8 power socket.

In addition, Line8's socket systems still provide no power at all until you switch the socket on with our push-pull ring switch. When the adaptors are not in place, and not switched on, there is no chance of power being carried through the power tracks. 


Akin to Track Lighting

The power track concept takes its inspiration from the simple and common track light. The track light is a common fitting seen in many retail shops and homes. With a simple track installed on the ceiling, we can now add, reposition and remove lighting points as and when we like.

Types of Track Lighting - The Home Depot

The power track is very similar in concept, but requires many more safety features and has different safety requirements as it is more frequently touched and accessed for power access and plugging things in.


It is not easy to touch a track light that is typically mounted on ceilings, high up away from children and mischievous hands.

The power track different. It is typically mounted where it is accessible for us to plug in, switch on and off devices and also to children and their wandering hands.

Line8's TRS technology features two actively-grounded conductor strips flanking the openings of the power track. These strips ground everything that comes into contact with the opening of the power track.

99.99 percent copper conductors

Further Details

Grounded means that if there's any leakage of electricity, it will be neutralized to ground instead of passing through the body of the person. This acts as an electrical shield for the person. It is The Faraday’s Cage Theory in application - 

Just that instead of putting a person in a cage to ground electricity, the power track is put in a "grounded cage" instead.

The two shiny metal strips on the opening of the Line8 track not only highlight and accentuate the design - It is also there to act as the Faraday’s Cage inspired electrical shield. This grounded shield will cage up all the components inside the power track which then shields the outside from any electrical leakage.


The Significance

The electrical shield in a power track is a fundamental technology in Line8 Power Tracks, and has been built into our design from the very beginning of conceptualisation.


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